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Daffodil Institute of IT (DIIT) is one of the largest IT Institute in Chattogram which is accredited with Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB) in the year 2018. 


Mechanical Engineering is the branch of engineering which deals basically with the design, construction and uses of machines. A central principle of Mechanical Engineering is the control of energy: transferring it from one form to another to suit a specific demand. For example car engine converts chemical energy into kinetic energy. Technically, Mechanical Engineering is the sector of engineering which discuss the application of principles and problem solving techniques from design to manufactures for any object.


The four year Diploma in Mechanical Engineering course is divided into eight semesters. Each year having 2 semesters. In the end of every semester there will be a final exam and a mid-term exam in the middle of the semester. Mechanical engineers need a diverse background in mathematics, science, design and engineering. In order to pursue the diploma degree one have to seek knowledge on Applied Mechanics, Engineering Drawing, Mechanical Engineering Materials, Thermal Engineering, Automobile Engineering, Production Engineering & Robotics, Industrial Fluid Power and so on.


After having mechanical diploma, students can seek junior level posts in private as well as public/ government sector. One can try to get job in private mechanical engineering companies. And in government sector, one can try his/her luck to get the positions like Technician, Clerk, Supervisor, Junior Engineer etc. If anybody not interested to go for job, and looking for higher studies, in that case anyone can opt for higher studies in mechanical. One of the most popular professional program is B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering. Today’s market is on high demand for Mechanical Engineers. And hence, doing B.Sc after diploma in mechanical engineering is one of the best options students can go for.