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The Architecture Technology in Daffodil Institute of IT (DIIT) begins its journey since 2009. The intention of this technology is to create a curriculum that focuses on complete aesthetic, technological, socioeconomic, and global understanding to meet environmental and developmental challenges.Our diploma degree programs prepare students to be excellent, discipline-defining design thinkers in diverse global contexts.

Diploma in Architecture Technology course is an primary-level certification in the world of Architecture Engineering. Students gather basic knowledge and skill in relation with this technology. Students can enhance their skill and knowledge set in the respective domain by going for Bachelor of Architecture and Masters of Architecture course in the long run. The course mainly aims at providing practical level skills in the subject to the students along with the theoretical understanding of the same so, as to equip them with an all-around holistic view in the domain.

A Diploma of Architectural Technology program takes four years to complete and prepares diploma graduates for careers designing residences, industrial structures and businesses.In these interdisciplinary programs, students learn to design heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical systems for buildings. Students participate in building design simulations as part of their required coursework and explore math, science, and engineering concepts in their designs. Architectural engineering students need strong skills in science, mathematics, and design. Diploma in Architecture Engineering pass out student can look for a variety of options in terms of his/her career. He/she can opt for a career in the domain of building designing, Assistant Architect, Layout design, teaching, etc. However, students can also go for a higher degree (Bachelor of Architecture lateral entry) in the discipline so that they can prepare themselves for higher position in field of Architecture Engineering.