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On behalf of our faculty, staff and students, DIIT would like to welcome you to the Department of Computer Technology at Daffodil Institute of IT (DIIT). Computer Technology’s journey begins with DIIT since 2006. DIIT accredited with Computer Technology from Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB) in the year of 2006.


Today, computers are used in almost every aspect of our lives: in car engines, microwave ovens, video games, watches, telephones, desktops at home and work, mainframe computers in government and industry, and supercomputers expanding the frontiers of science and technology. The computer industry is one of the fastest growing segments of our economy and that growth promises to continue well into the next century.

Computer technology correlates with information technology and is used for study of computers, networks, computer networks, etc. It encompasses a developing list of different software programs and devices. It includes programming, networking, database design and development to ensure that computers work properly. Computer technology directly connect with information technology. Computer technology cover a developing list of various software system programs and devices.
Computer science is one of the country’s most in-demand professional fields, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics projecting 18 percent growth nationally for all computer occupations between 2012 and 2022.


The course is divided into eight semesters spanning over a duration of four years. Each academic year is divided into 2 Semesters. The syllabus of the course is designed in a manner so as to teach all the basic aspects of the course to the students in a gradual manner.


Computing professionals might find themselves in a variety of environments in academia,research, industry, government, private and business organizations — analyzing problems for solutions, formulating and testing, using advanced communications or multi-media equipment,or working in teams for product development. Here’s a short list of research and vocational areas in computing.

Artificial Intelligence — Develop computers that simulate human learning and reasoning ability.

Information Technology — Develop and manage information systems that support a business or organization.

Software Engineering — Develop methods for the production of software systems on time, within budget, and with few or no defects.


At present in Bangladesh completion the Diploma-in- Computer Engineering Program, students can go to Job market or higher education. For higher education they can admitted in any other private or public university in home or abroad for Bachelor degree program like Bachelor of Computer Science & Engineering or Bachelor of Computer Science or Bachelor of Information Technology etc. A Diploma Computer graduate works as a Sub-assistant Engineer in public & private organization.The major job fields of a Computer Diploma Graduate are Computer Software & Hardware companies,Telecommunication companies, Teachers of TVET institutions, BPO industries, IT sector of all kind of Government and private organization as an IT Officer or Network support Engineer.